Monday, August 11, 2008

Things are coming together

This usually happens to me mid-late summer, or in Fall. I have a stretch of not wanting to run with poor performance, then a few low humidity days with cool mornings come. I then feel like a new man.

I busted out a new pair of Asics Kahanas ($49 at Sports Authority), and comfortably ran 10 yesterday and today at an 8:30 pace. It felt easy, refreshing, and energizing.

This weekend will be my weekend to nail the 100k. Forecast looks perfect. I am eating better, and am somewhat rested.

Depending on how the training run goes will dictate my race strategy.

Watching the olymics helps get the game face on as well. Who would have ever thought that swimming could be so exciting? My can't get enough of Michael Phelps.

3 1/2 weeks to go.

Off to another fun filled sales blitz week (in the twin cities :))


SteveQ said...

Looks like I won't be joining you for the last all-nighter. I'm planning on the Days of Old 10K and if I'm feeling REALLY motivated, continuing on to the SHT for another trek.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

I felt like a new man this morning too! :-) Loving this weather.

I went to bed before the swimming last night, because I knew I had to get up at 4:15 for my run. I'll have to find a replay of it - sounds like it was exciting!

oh - and to answer your comment on my blog - I think I'll pass on running Superior with you guys this year!

Wayne said...

Matt - Sounds like you're ready... for the 100K, and Superior. That's super!

New shoes, $49
Feeling like a new man, priceless.

And you gotta like the Afton, Wyoming pictures. :)

johnmaas said...

Good luck with your final training runs in preparation for Superior.
Sounds like you have captured a very positive attitude!
Keep up the great work!