Saturday, August 2, 2008

Afton Fat Ass Report #2

I received an email from Jason Hosuveth on Friday stating that he and Alicia Gordon hold the record for training miles and time at Afton (55 miles, 18 hours). It was tongue and cheek, but a challenge.

I did email him back stating that his record would probably stand last night as I was tired from a long week, ate poorly, and excuses, excuses, excuses,

Short report.

50k........ 7.5 hours..... (including breaks)... and we got "kicked out" by the Park Ranger for being there after the park closes without a campsite. Oh well.

Steve met me at 4pm and we headed out for an "easy loop". We walked a lot, every hill, and somehow still managed at 3:10 first loop (I was trying to do 3:30). I don't think that hurt us though.

We met the fabulous Jim Wilson after the first loop and decided to do the snowshoe loop, hoping to do it quick and be back at the parking lot for more runners.

Advice... Don't listen to me when I have a shortcut in mind.

We managed to get back to the lot to find Zach Pierce, Helen Lavin, and Greg Allen. We headed out for th rest of the second loop. I even said "nice way to break this up, we are almost done with the second loop". 3 hours later we were still not done.

I was taking S-Caps every hour, and that was a mistake. I thought I was fine, but after 5 hours the excessive sore muscles came. At 6 hours I was cramping. Pretty sure electrolyte imbalance.

We ended up walking for most of the last two hours to get back to the parking lot. There was Holly waiting for us. I felt very bad to tell her we were done. Done. Done. Sorry Holly.

On a positive note, by doing this type of training, I am being reminded how important it is to just take it easy and not run hard. Superior might just be an extreme hike for me. I really don't want to suffer for 50 miles (or longer). I know this intellectually, but now my body is coming to grips with it.

So, one more chance to do the all night 100k. Two weeks from now.


MN Ultra Runner said...

Don't be discouraged, you'll get 'em next time in two weeks. I'll be there to suffer with you then.

keith said...

in response to yr. comments on my blog...4 hours would be a VERY fast 50K in my opinion. 5 hours to me meant ensuring that I would have enough left in the tank to finish in high style.

i think my final time was around 5:08.

I will definitely keep the friday night party in mind, even though at the moment i've no reason to train to run at night. it just sounds fun!

SteveQ said...

The thought of finishing the 100 the way I finished Ice Age, FANS and Afton scares the crap out of me. Slow and steady!

Anonymous said...

Matt: Another valliant effort. And you are slowing down each time, nicely done grasshopper. I admit, 18 hours was a bit rediculous for 55 miles (last year) but it is what it is, and it helped get me and Alicia over that 100 mile marker. Good luck on your next attempt. I really hope you get the 100K, all joking aside. Run strong (or walk)... Jason Husveth