Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Enough of the snow already

We all woke up to a few inches of snow..... so much for spring.

So, the dreadmill waiteth.

Immediately after starting the workout, I felt "wow, this is easy and comfortable". It was a 6.5 mph pace. Still feeling a little sore from Saturday, I decided to keep it at 6.5 for the whole run and see how my hr responded.

Unbelievably, the average was 127 for the 10 mile run. My max only hit 137, and it took 6 miles to get to 130.

What does this mean? I guess the long run really paid off.

Toward the end of the run on Saturday, I was wiped out, but it felt easier to run at a slow pace than to walk. I felt like I had to keep moving.

So today my body has acclimated to an easier pace, and has built better muscles for it (some say my body may have even stolen fast twitch to make this happen).

Whatever the case, It felt great to see the average only 10 beats less than presvious runs like this.

3 more weeks of this, then race time.


keith said...

I'm right there with you. I have had enough winter. Belinda Jensen is a LIAR.

phillip said...

You're missing great cross training opportunities with snowshoes.
There is nothing that will get the heart rate up quicker than carrying that appliance on the feet -- even the racing ones.
Probably too late to run out and get a pair for this snow today 3/31, but put it on the agenda for next year.
or you can do the spike thing that Adam and others use at the Richard T Anderson Conservatory instead of snowshoes.
Karen G is a snowshoer, by the way.
Good luck at all of the events. Trustfully you've signed up for the Fab 5 Fifties Ultra Series (?) since you seem to be in most of the events.
Phillip Gary Smith