Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I got the job!


It is finally here. I received a verbal offer through a recruiter for the company I have been interviewing with.

A formal written offer needs to come through, but I do have it. I will be working for Glaceau, selling to the contract feeding food service companies (similar to what I did for Starbucks for many years).

Their products are up the alley of athletes and runners, although not really ultra runners. Maybe I can influence them to make more ultra friendly products.

I told them in the interview that they need to get their products in the hands of "serious" runners and "well respected" runners to build more credibility. This is partly my ploy to secure free stuff.

My first piece of business will be to convince them to sponsor something (UMTR, or maybe a running team?).

It is a fun group, and I have to offer exactly what they need (experience in the onsite/on premise food service segment).

Hopefully this won't effect my training. All work and no running make Jack a dull boy.

Don't know the start date, but soon.


keith said...

Congratulations, MP!!

I look forward to the Glaceau, Vasque, Nathan, Raceready, Vibram and Subaru Upper Midwest Trail Running Series.

No but seriously, way to go!

You're going to be one of us early morning/later evening runners now.

Carl Gammon said...


Congratulations on your very cool new job. I guess every sport needs its official "water boy" and now you're elected!

aharmer said...

Great news! Congrats! I'll volunteer for the Glaceau team as well. All the other big name teams will have to wait another year for my services;)