Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Feel like C#@p

Think I caught something from a nose running kid.

Just congestion and post nasal drip.

Must stay focused..... Must keep running....... Must (fill in the blank)

Took Monday off. Ran 8 yesterday.

We will see what today brings.

Just added a slide show below on the right. We saw the Shuttle launch in Feb, and have some pics to go with it. I intend to put more running related pictures in the future (group runs & races)

UPDATE - Ran 10, it felt great. Average 9:20 pace, 139hr. My out and back splits were only 30 seconds apart.


Wayne said...

I like the big picture above... one of these is not like the others.
Hope you get feeling better soon, the crud is definitely going around.

SteveQ said...

Kids and a high mileage week: the recipe for getting sick. Hope you recover soon.

Neat slideshow.