Monday, January 28, 2008

Low HR Training

After the recent re-visit of low heart rate training and discussion, I remembered that about 15 years ago I was intrigued by the same subject. I was reading, you will be surprised, an Anthony Robbins book.

I remembered reading a story about a guy who advocated low HR training, and had great results to show for it. I went to Barnes & Noble looking for the book, they even searched it, and nothing existed from this author, or the subject for that matter. I figured he was probably a quack (as some say Tony Robbins is). HR monitors were just coming on the market, but were big, clunky and expensive. I even worked in a Bike shop, and were still expensive with my huge discount.

So, that was the end of my interest in low HR training. And, I knew 2:30 marathon runners who did not do it. I decided to take my advice from much better trained and higher performing runners. I good and bad idea at the same time. This might account why I did not race for 10 years.

After reading some of the links on Adam's blog, I kept remembering my 1 day stint of low HR training. His links, Hadd and Maffetone with kudos given to Mittleman made me dig up that book where I read it.

I found it today. There were two guys quoted in the book


I guess I was way ahead of my time. I ordered a book by each of them today on Amazon, although it was not the original book I was looking for. That book was "The 1,000 mile race of life" by Maffetone.

Nobody had ever heard of him in 92.

Mark Allen, the famous Iron Man Triathlete endorses his methods.

Ironically, we had an autographed poster of Mark up in the shop I worked in.


So I did a Hadd test to start low HR training for the next 2 months. I already have done 2 weeks or so of it, and it is mentally tough.

The results are on Adams blog, so you can see the boring data.

The part I found interesting was how hard it was to keep my HR low at low speeds, but once I hit a certain point, I had to increase my speed a lot more to get to the next avg hr group.

If this works really well for me, I will continue it up until 2 weeks before Chippewa 50k.


northwoods bryan said...

Your 1 day of low-HR training didn't do it for you? I'm going to set aside one day for low-HR training between now and the Chippewa Moraine 50k... it should give me that extra little kick to make it to 2nd-to-last place. I take it lounging on the couch does not count as "low-HR training"... maybe slightly less low is the idea.

Oh well... my training method has been, "run". Also, "stop not running, and go run". Primitive, eh.

keith said...

Good luck with the low HR training! Have you tried running at your low HR yet?

Runner Brewer said...


You are currently doing the training method I have termed "reverse tapering".


I am about 2 weeks into it.

A nice side effect is a lack of chronic fatigue or muscle pain. A ten mile run is not the least bit painful.

northwoods bryan said...

Reverse tapering was my not-so-masterful technique for preparing for the Twin Cities Marathon last fall. If at first you don't succeed, keep trying the same thing hoping for different results!