Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valiant Effort to Carl and Allan

I just checked the update on the HURT 100 mile race, and both Carl Gammon and Allan Holtz dropped after the 100k point. My guess is that they knew they would not make the 36 hr cut, but we will have to hear their reports.

This was to be be Carl's first 100, and he chose one of the hardest. I prayed for you during my treadmill run today, Carl!

I can only imagine what he had to go through to get to that point.

I guess this means you will be joining us on the Superior 100!


Kel said...

From what I can tell, only 21 runners out of 105 starters finished the race. Must have been brutal!

I'm proud of you Carl and Allan!

SteveQ said...

Allan does not quit. Ever. They pulled him off the course when he missed a cut-off time. Rumor has it they ran in ankle deep mud. I'll get a full report soon.