Friday, February 1, 2008

Low HR Training update

It is tough to measure progress when I am only running "slow", but I feel I am making progress.

It is now not only easy to run 10 miles, but I am neither sore nor tired after the run. I usually would feel tired later in the day after a 10 mile run (or longer), and would feel fatigue in my legs (not pain).

I almost feel as I am not working out, but I know this not to be the case. In fact, calorie speaking, I am only burning 10-20 percent fewer calories per hour.

I have locked in to a 6.5 mph pace at zero incline as my low HR base mode. Yesterday I ran 12 miles at this pace and averaged 131 bpm. The last few miles averaged in the upper 130's. I am finding that the more I do this, the longer it takes into the workout for the average to start increasing.

Another interesting thing I have learned is that I sweat A LOT LESS. I did not even finish a 20 oz bottle yesterday, and had to go to the bathroom real bad towards the end (usually not a problem). Could it be that I have always stressed my system? I have thought for many years that during the summer months, I am chronically dehydrated, no matter what I do. Maybe this is all in my head.

My knee still feels awkward from that minor injury in Jan, but can still run long on it at this pace without making it feel bad.

I am beginning to like this low HR stuff. I will do at least 60 miles this week. Normally this would start to destroy me, but not today.

Starting Tuesday I get to run in warm weather, so it will be interesting to see how it affects my hr.

Until then.


keith said...

the great thing about the low HR training is you really feel like you're getting a tailor made workout. nobody's workout will be the same.

it is also really not very taxing on the body overall. glad you're enjoying it!

when i started doing the low hr thing, i couldn't run 5.0 mph on a treadmill without going over my target hr.

aharmer said...

Glad to hear of your progress! Even more happy to hear you're enjoying it. When it starts getting boring remember that nobody cares what your 10k PR is 80 miles into Superior. All they'll care about is how the hell you're still running and they're not.