Sunday, January 6, 2008

I have the kneed, the kneed for speed


That was lame, but I gave the problem knee a try the last 4 days. Each day I tried, it seemed to painful to run on.

Today I tried it outside. After 1/8 mile, I thought I was done. I took it real easy and changed my form around around until it seemed manageable. Then, at about 1/2 mile, no pain. Hmmm.

I took it very easy for six miles with no problems. It does not hurt around the house or anything. Maybe its just mechanics, or my mind.

We will see tomorrow.

Looks like there is some interest in a June Superior training run. Adam requested Grandma's, Steve Q requested not the 7th (Kettle 100), and Wayne seemed to be game for something.

I will toss around some ideas and post to the Dead Runners to see if there would be any other takers.

The training options could be the following:
1 - Start Friday night at Gooseberry Falls, and see how far we can get (50 - 62 miles?) Take a nap. Party Saturday night in Canal Park. Or, go watch Grandma's, then take a nap.

2 - Start Saturday morning, and do the same. Try to finish in time to party in Canal Park?

3 - Insert comment here.

That is a tough weekend for lodging, but camping is always good for me.

Time to ice the knee.

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