Thursday, January 3, 2008

The 2008 Season

Today I sat down with the Mrs. and discussed the races I wanted to do this year. With a little hesitation, I started with the Superior 100 bombshell, and worked backwards from there.

She was cool with it! So, it looks to be my first 100 this year at Superior.

The schedule looks like this so far.

Chippewa 50k
Either Ice Age 50 mile or Superior 50k (depending on if I have to go to a weeding)
Afton 50k
Voyager 50 mile
Superior 100

Many fat ass runs to fill in the gap.

Only problem is, my knee is a little strained due to Adam's RTA course.

Can't wait for the snow to clear so I can get out to Afton.


Kel said...

Wait for the snow to clear? After all that work screwing your shoes? ;)

aharmer said...

Is Grandma's weekend a possibility? I always go up there anyway so I'm thinking about your idea of a double with the first half on the trail. It might end up being my only ST training prior to the big one.

keith said...

I hope the knee feels better soon. I look forward to seeing you at some races!

Wayne said...

Alright... going after the big boy: Superior 100. Good for you!

SteveQ said...

That's a fine lookin' schedule, ya got there. Enough for the Fab 5 Fifties series.

You, Adam and I at the Superior 100: priceless.

Carl Gammon said...

Your blog said: "depending on if I have to go to a weeding". If you can figure out how to get out of "weeding" in the Spring, let me know.

Carl (who's thumb has been various colors, but not green)