Sunday, January 13, 2008

I don't like winter

I think I was a bear in my last life, and would just be hibernating at this point.

My knee seems to be better.

I did 12 on the treadmill yesterday, 10 at an 8 min pace, the the last 2 at nine minutes pace. I know what y'all are thinking. That is not "Long Slow Distance", but I just get soooo bored on the treadmill that I can't concentrate for longer than an hour at slower than 8.5 min/mile.

I think this is the period every year where I just don't care about running anymore. The lack of sun, smells, etc... take the juice away from me which get me running.

I took today off, not sure what I will do tomorrow. Probably experiment with tempo pace again to see if the knee holds up.

Even though it is the dead of winter, the first race (50k) is a short 3 months away, hard to believe. I like a big race earlier in the spring.

The plan is to put in a couple of 20 milers if Feb, and do my first training 50k in March.

Winter sucks


Carl Gammon said...

Yeah, I find it tough to go long on a treadmill, even with a TV and DVD player. You could try to throw in some variety with an indoor track. Eden Prairie High School has a big one, Chaska Community Center a really small one, and there's inside the Metrodome on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for only $1.

SteveQ said...

Wrong side of town for you, but I'll be in the Bielenberg Sport Center (Woodbury) a lot this week as it gets cold - 7 laps to the mile and heated only to 45 degrees; better than a treadmill,though.

keith said...

I know I've tried a lot of new tricks on the elliptical to keep things interesting (dumbells, running negative splits, seeing how fast i can go at a certain HR, etc.). I've found I don't even really need a tee-vee to stay on longer than an hour anymore.

Maybe I'm just slowly losing my mind, but sometimes it helps to play games with yourself.

Kel said...

The treadmill makes me stone cold insane. I had planned an easy 9 on Saturday morning, but mentally crashed after only 4 miles. Shame shame.

I do a little better with hill repeats or speed intervals, where I'm having to pay attention and change something every few minutes.

Hope the knee feels better!