Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 2010 race schedule is in

So far it looks like the following;

Zumbro 100
Ice Age 50M
Kettle 100

I just can't resist going back to Ice Age and Kettle. Too many emails from the "Sconnies" egging me on.

Looks like I might be changing me training strategy significantly.

After Kettle I will evaluate the rest of the year.

Zumbro sounds like a good idea now, but at 12am on April 10th, it will probably fell like a real bad decision.

At least I will get my birthday miles at that race. More than double.

Lots to post, little desire to do so.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

No Irish for a Day this year? Or doesn't it count as a race if it's on the road and less than 50 miles?

Helen said...

I think you need to re-title "The 2010 Q1/Q2 race schedule is in" :)

Ice Age will be a big one this year with the WS spots. Should be a fun event.

Anonymous said...

Zach says there is no 100k this year at Zumbro, if that's what you are thinking when you said 12am April 10th :) Otherwise, rock on!

Matthew Patten said...

The reference to 12am was knowing I will be in the 60+ mile range by then. A tough time in the race.

Cindi - Maybe on the Irish one

Bill P. said...

Rumor on the street is that you are running Leadville and Steve Q. is pacing you.... :-)

Guy said...

I'll be doing KM100, so I'll see you there, if not before.

Scott Mark said...

I'm shooting for Zumbro as well, hope to see you there! Just at the start... that's probably the last time I will see you.