Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The cliche "Year in Review"

You might be a bad blogger if....
....... it has been so long since your last post, you have to sign in again because your computer does not recognize the website. :)

Yes, as cliche as it is, I am deciding to do the year in review for one reason, I actually had a good year!

And for the first time in almost 30 years of running, I actually achieved one of my "secret" goals.

In short, here it is

Ran my first 100K
PR'd my 50 Mile (Ice Age - Won my age group.... the Lapham gang are still wondering how I pulled that off with an 8:41)

And the big one.... Kettle 100.
-Beat my best 50K time
-Beat my 100K
-Ran my second fastest 50M
-Ran sub 20
-Got my first top 10 finish (in a race where there were more than 10 runners)

And then it was all downhill after that.

A killer Voyageur (glad to just finish it)

A DNF at Superior (yes, it still stings).

BUT..... I learned a ton about myself this year, and learned some key elements of training and racing.

Oh yeah.... I won my first race ever! The 10K the week after Kettle in the middle of North Dakota. The competition wasn't deep, but I will take it. 42:something won the race (it was like running with concrete shoes I was so sore).

So the down time of blogging is almost over. Training season about to start. Not sure what is in store, but I am grateful for:

- The health and well being to be able to show up to any race
- The great friends I have made on the trails (okay.... even you cool hand)
- People who are willing to read this

Merry New Year (It's happy new year, dimwit) Movie?


Londell said...

Hmmm 42 something 10 K in the middle of ND? Was the race filled with farmers in work boots? A race of 10 runner? Kidding but as a ND native, I have a few first pace finishes there as well... And thinking of ND running brought back memories of the Cliff Young story (if you do not know it, google it...)

Hope family is well and you have as good of 2011... And you forgot one, I assume you are enjoying the new job you started in 2010?

Carl Gammon said...

Now that "training season is about to start," do you have any thoughts on your 2010 race schedule? What's next on that list of goals?

SteveQ said...

My year was the opposite of yours running-wise, but man it was fun watching yours. For brewing exploits, check out my latest "Evil Kitchen" post.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

What a great year for you! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for you.

Matthew Patten said...

Okay Londell.... Did I mention it was 6 days after running Kettle? I couldn't even walk up the stairs at home like a human at that point.

The 10k was to celebrate the Napoleon, ND 150 year anniversary. There were a lot of people in for it. The runners mostly went for the 5k (winning time was low 18s.... faster than I can go). I had to haul ass to keep from getting beat by a young girl.

I admit... It wasn't a stellar win, but it is the ONLY one I got.

As for the job.... Our company just got bought out. One of the reasons for my rare postings.

Anonymous said...

I think that chaffing problem can be fixed using A&D ointment........stew

chris mcpeake said...

great year , congrats

Helen said...

A great year indeed - that run at Kettle is for keeps! Happy New Year!

Karen G said...

Congrats on a good year. You are one fierce competitor.