Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too Much, Too Quick

After boldly stating I will be doint 3-4 Crossfit "WOD's" per week to standard, I am already backpedaling.

I did 2 in a row over the weekend, and am still sore. I have called upon muscles I have not used in a long time, or never used.

I think back to Ice Age 50 last year. I ran the last 10 miles pretty hard, and came in with a 20 minute PR. Better yet, I was not wasted at the end. I was still walking and able to function like a normal human. I thought to myself "I guess I am finally strong"


What I am now learning is that I am completely disproportionate in my strenght. My legs are stong, part of my upper body is okay, but my core is weak. My lower back muscles feel like a bus ran over them. My abs feel like a bunch of thugs went to town on me with a baseball bat.

I had been doing sit ups, crunches, rowing sit ups, leg lifts, etc. But the killer was Friday nights "GHD Sit ups". 3 sets of 30.

Check out the demo here

My back is suffering from the clean and jerks from the same workouts, the deadlifts from earlier that week, and the deadlifts I failed at completing on Monday.

Oh yeah, I totally suck at jump roping. Not sure how I will ever do 50 "double unders" but I am a work in progress. If I filmed myself jumproping, you would all get a serious laugh out of it. Maybe I will do that for motivation.

Last night I did the "Sumo Deadlift Pull Ups" Legs were fine, but my lower back was screaming after the second set of 50. I decided to stop and let my body recover.

So this has been a wakeup call on how weak I am overall.

After Kettle last year, I seriously thought I was "strong". I laugh at that thought now.

On the bright side, all of the workouts that challenge the legs don't give me sore legs, quads, calfs, etc. And if they do, they recover quickly.

So I am still in the adaptive phase, and that could take a while. It is worth it, though.


I recieved a few emails on how I came to the conclusion of this training switch. I will attempt to post frequently, linking to articles and research I have found and read which has intrigued me or challenged me.

Here is one. Heavy on the science stuff, but leaves me thinking "Could this be true?"


SteveQ said...

"Too Quick" indeed. My kind of overdoing things! I hate the idea of core strengthening, but given that I was bent like a question mark at Zumbro, obviously I need some work there.

I'll try to learn from your mistakes...

Joe said...

Yep, I believe it. Last year I took off 8 months from running and lifted weights, focusing on squats, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, dips, and pullups. I got very good at squats, deadlifts, dips; so-so on the others. The CF MetCons kill me. I haven't jumped rope because I stink at it. It's a skill to build.

As the CFE site says, do it "with progression". Yeah, right, like were gonna listen to that. The fact that we participate in this sport likely means that we don't take advice well.

SteveQ said...

Here's a contrary view of the same article you mention:
There's a lot of questions in methodology there. I also find it interesting that all related articles reference Burgomaster (2007) as the major source, but there seems to be no such publication!

Bill S said...

Back to Maffetone ;)

Andrew said...

I grew up with 4 sisters, I can jump rope like a girl - double unders all day log. Came in handy training for fighting. Now when it comes to picking things up off the ground and putting them over my head - thats a whole nother story!

Sounds like your having fun - success there anyway.

Andrew said...

Here is the aforementioned missing article - thought a google master like SteveO would have found it without issue:

Burgomaster (2007)

The Journal of physiology 2008;586(1):151-60

SteveQ said...

Andrew, that one references the one I'm talking about. It's published in 2008, therefore Burgomaster (2008). Still can't find that she published anything in 2007.