Friday, January 29, 2010

Think you are tough?

Try today's workout

10 Minutes - Hand Stand Push Ups
5 Minutes - Squats
2 Minutes - Pull ups
1 Minute - Push ups

Hand Stand Push Ups - To standard (legs against the wall so I don't fall over), I did a total of ........3! How on earth do people so many of these? Once again, a work in progress. I ended up putting my knees on a futon, and simulating the motion but with about half of my body weight. I was able to rip off a bunch of these (140?), but they were way easier than the standard ones. Still, they got really hard after 5 minutes.

Hammered out 150 squats.
20 pull ups
30 push ups

No comments :) At least I didn't quit.

But, not the reason for the title of the post.

Monday commences one of the most Bad Ass races in the country, the Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultra. The Minnesota ultra gang knows this all to well, but for those of you who are not familiar, a quick synopisis.

Very, Very, Very cold. Snow. 135 miles. Pull a sled. Course record is about 40 hours (running). You can bike, ski, or run.

I know a few who are going. One of the faster Matts is running (Matt Long). John Storkamp is running (he is a pedal to the medal runner-always). I believe Scott Meyers is running. So it looks like a "Border Battle". Storkamp better slice and dice those cheese heads. (Long & Meyers).

I doubt I will ever run this race as it violates one of my tenants of running;
* I don't participate in races where death is a possibility (or the loss of body parts).

The Race Director for this race, Pierre, is a humble guy. Very strong, and seemingly endless endurance. 2 or 3 Badwater finishes. He rides his bike to local ultra marathon races, then rides home.

So good luck to all who are going. You can follow the race here.

Happy training


brothergrub said...

You will be able to squat in the woods for hours with this new regime...

Joe said...

Good job on the pull ups! I did a scaled version of CF's Diane today, but used overhead dumbbell presses instead of HSPUs. Not ready to try a HSPU in public yet :)

Bill P. said...

I got winded and needed to take a rest just reading about that workout. I think I need to set up an aid station between my office in the back of the house and the kitchen.