Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weakness & Strength found

Last week the "weakness found" was my lower back. The are better today.

Today, the "weakness found" was.... Overhead Squats. Almost lost the 75lb during one set.

Today's CF workout

Seven rounds for time of:
95 pound Power snatch, 7 reps
95 pound Snatch balance, 7 reps
95 pound Overhead squat, 7 reps

I decided to try this to scale. Made it through the Snatch Balance (not good form, so they really did not count I am guessing). Started the overhead squats... NO WAY.

I guess the shoulder muscles are not developed to hold that while going into a full squat.

So I scaled this one.

Did 5 rounds at 75lbs for a time of 30:02.


On a good note, the "Strength Found" was running.

I did last Sunday's 45 minute run at 85%-90% effort. (treadmill). I decided to start easy due to the squats that morning. Started at 7:03 pace, but after 25 minutes, it seemed easy.

Increased to 6:40 for 10 minutes, then 6:22 for the final 5 minutes. It took work at the end, but I am not sure if my overall exertion was above 90%.

My point in the "Strength Found" statement here is.... 7:03 seemed easy.


I am starting to see the picture here, and it is making sense. Will pay off in a hundred mile race.... better yet, one of Larry's 100 mile races? We will see.

The prescription for ultra training on the CFE website is to do 2-3 of the running workouts per week. NO MORE. They say to do 1 "circuit". 1 interval, 1 tempo, then another interval.

The interval workouts are very intense, but short. I actually got my treadmill up to full power on one last week.

They were tough to get acclimated to because, sadly, I almost never run at that speed.

But, I am starting to see this high intensity paired with the high intensity of the CF workouts simulate, in an abstract, what a 20-30 mile run might do.

And if you don't believe that.... well, I am telling myself that because I have to believe it.

Important thing to consider

This is taken directly from the Crossfit Endurance site.

CrossFit Endurance was created with the belief that you have taken the time to learn the skill of your sport. If you have not, you have no business here, or competing in this sport.

While I might have success with this approach, I do have 12 ultramarthons in the last 4 years under my belt. I have run over 2000 miles each year for the past 3 (could be a lot more, but I don't keep track).

So, I have a strong foundation to build upon. While the Maffetone method and the CFE method seem contradictory, I see them almost as a progression. I say this FROM MY EXPERIENCE ALONE, and am not advocating it as advice for others.

I don't use this blog to preach, I use it more as documentation or "this worked for me". (do I say that too much?)

Whatever the outcome, I am enjoying this is a sick and sadistic manner.

It also fits my demanding travel, work, and family schedule right now.

10 weeks to Zumbro.


SteveQ said...

Just a word of caution: any time one makes a big change in training, there's a good chance of a sudden improvement, as one stops overdoing one thing and starts doing something that shores up a developing weakness. That benefit can be lost, however, if one stays on that same path and loses what they got from the original course.

If that makes any sense.

brothergrub said...

NIce! I'm watching this with some interest - Like everyone, I have a pretty full schedule and its hard to get in the miles - Hoping you see some good benefits from this so I can swipe the idea...