Sunday, January 17, 2010

A farewell to my last grandparent

Grandma Patten passed away this morning after a battle with dementia, old age, cysts, & tumors.

I was able to see her down in Kansas on Thursday night, and she was quite frail. It was also my first opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one before they passed.

She was 97, so a very full life.

She has 4 great grandchildren with her last name and 7 others.

Not a sad time, but a time to reflect and celebrate a great life. She hang on a lot longer than others thought she would or could (maybe that is where I get it).

The next race is for her


Londell said...

May you and yours remember all the great things in her life and cherish the time she had with you.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling..I ran Superior for my Aunt Gin who terminally ill and past away a few weeks afterwards......My thoughts are with you.....Stew

SteveQ said...

Sorry for your loss. I bet you'll end up winning the over 95 age class in races someday.