Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recovery and moving forward

It's day #4 since Ice Age, and I think I can run today.

My quads are fine, but the front of my shins are still sore. I think I have unusually large thighs, thus the faster recovery. I used to have shin splint problems, so this might make sense that they heal slower.

I rode my bike on Sunday night because I had to get the blood pumpind. Monday and Tuesday were much needed rest and sleep catch up. I plan a real easy run both today and tomorrow (30-40 minutes at 130-135 heart rate).

At this point, I just want to get out and get my body burning fat.

My plan for the Superior 50k on Saturday is to take it real easy for the first half. I am sure I will feel Ice Age on the first ascent over Moose Mtn. Even more on the way down. If I take it real easy, I might have some juice at the turnaround and Carlton peak. I do have to remember that not only is this 31 miles, but one of the hardest 50k's in the midwest.

No matter what happens, I am just glad to be there. This is the most beutiful trail to run on, and for those of you who have not been there, go. Hike any portion of the trail and you shall love it. Run it, and you shall love it more. Don't take your eyes off the trail.

Until then...... Ice Ice Baby.

I will see many of you there...... gaurd your drop bags.....


Wayne said...

So the thighmaster really works, huh? I was wondering how that was going for you. :)
I'm definitely looking forward to Superior... see you there!!

Kel said...

SHT is my favorite trail too. See you there!

Carl Gammon said...

To quote Matt, "My plan for the Superior 50k on Saturday is to take it real easy for the first half." Yeah, we'll see how well that goes! ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend (along with everyone else). Although, I harbor no false hopes that you taking it easy will mean I'm anywhere near you during the run.

SteveQ said...

After Ice Age, I hurt myself pulling dandelions. My plan for Superior is to start slow, then taper, then die quietly by the side of the path.

Anonymous said...

Oh MP...Lock and LOAD!!