Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Those back to back races caught up with me this week. Or maybe not.

Whenever I would train for Grandma's I would hit this "burnout" about this time in the year. I just don't want to run. I am tired and sluggish. Maybe it is the goofy weather.

I have confidence that I can still perform well next week with 3 weeks of only 10 mile runs or less. At this point, I don't think any other stuff would help me all that much, and could possibly impede my recovery from the last two weeks.

I should be nervous, but I am not (yet).

I guess this sluggishness is good at this point, as I will be back to myself by next week.

Very few people outside of this blog know I am doing the 100 miler. I purposely don't tell non runners, because it becomes annoying to attempt an explanation. Just Sunday, after my wife told a dinner companion about it, this dinner companion started asking me about my "pace". Of course, I answered "I don't know". This person was trying to equate his half marathon training and racing time to trail running. I tried to explain to him that it is apples and oranges, but he did not get it. I think he thought my Superior 50K "pace" was rather slow. I could almost see his cartoon bubble "even I could run faster than that!"

I have learned I don't run these for dinner conversations.

After Ice Age, Todd, Steve, and I were talking about why we did these things. I think we all had one thing in common. We were intrigued by pushing ourselves into a situation where we were afraid to go. Going through those stages is tough, but getting through them is glorious. It is hard to explain, but I enjoy it.

The great thing is, one can experience this at many levels. So, even if you are on your first 5k quest or marathon quest, you will experience a dark side of yourself. How you handle that reveals a part of who you are. I call it my shadow.

Okay... this post rambled. blah blah blah.

It is helping me get my game back, so just deal.


keith said...

How Matt Got His Game Back...

I agree with you about not being too chatty about even trail running with hardcore road runners. When I say "Yeah, but 11 minutes/mile on the Superior Hiking Trail IS fast..." I sound like I'm making excuses for why I'm such a pansy.

Hope you're over your sluggishness soon and are all set to see what your shadow has in store for you next week!

SteveQ said...

I forgot to mention before: the best advice about running 100 is "find and correct mistakes early." If you're still running 10 miles at a time, you're not as burned out as I am!

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

I'm a road runner. So far.

Until I started reading blogs of you, Adam, Bryan, Kel and several other MN trail runners that I somehow stumbled upon, I had NO IDEA how tough trail running was. Even though I've never done it, I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and the other trail runners. It looks a hell of a lot tougher than anything I've ever run.

I'm sluggish this week too. Maybe it is the MN weather.

Wayne said...

I figure a person can't operate in high gear all the time, so this little lull shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure you'll be all pumped up again next week as game time approaches!

Carl Gammon said...

As you've found out, the sluggishness is pretty common. It comes and goes. Given the races you've had recently, you're not going to have lost any training edge going into Kettle. Good luck, and as I always say, have fun.

The "Why do we do these things?" question is always a good one. While ultras are certainly ultra physical, to me its about conquering the mental. You learn that the body can do amazing physical things, if you have the mind to make it.

Of course, that doesn't ease the apprehension. (Said by someone who still hasn't gotten up the nerve to send Larry his check for the Superior 100.)

Joel said...

Best of luck on the 100. You'll have a great run.

Mantra: "Run in such a manner now, that I'll be able to still be running 4 hours from now."

Also, pace is over-rated.

Thanks for the link to succeed caps. After looking around, I think I might try their Clip-2 product.