Friday, May 9, 2008

A real test of endurance

Not only is the big Ice Age 50 tomorrow, but I had an ultramarathon week at work.

These guys work hard and play hard.

I was up at 5am eastern time every day, on my feet most of the day, engaged with sales calls, pep talk stuff, and poor diet.

But, they had an endless flow of vitaminwater and smartwater. I think I drank a pallet of the smartwater.

Not the best dinner selections for race day prep. Ate at Morton's steakhouse last night. Great stuff, but a 20oz New York Strip is hardly carbo loading (not that I even believe in carbo loading). I turned in last night while everybody was heading out to the Haffbraus House. Too bad, because I wanted to go there real bad. I think of all the people I know, Mr. Quick would be the only one who would appreciate that place.

So I am tired, sore, but pumped for Ice Age.

I got to the airport 1/2 an hour ago to find my flight cancelled. But, the stellar salesman I am, I got her to change me from NWA to Delta (they were going to send me through Detroit, getting me home way too late for the trek to Ice Age). I said "come on, I am running Ice Age tomorrow". That made all of the difference.

I will be a fun trip, if we all don't kill each other on the way down.

If you want to check up on us, there is live webcasting here.

My race name is Matthew Patten, not runner brewer. Check out the rest of the Minnesota runners. Todd Rowe is running his first 50, Bryan Erickson is running his first non snow 50K, and Steve Quick will be.....nursing a twisted ankle?.... running? we will see.

Jim Wilson will be running the 50K (chippewa helped), Karen Gall is doing the 50M, watch out for her at mile 30 when she drops the hammer and passes 50 people. Pierre Oster, the toughest man in Minnesota is running the 50M. Knowing him, he will probably ride his bike there today. Jason Hosuveth is doing the 50M, Kevin Martin is doing the 50M, and the rest of the star studded cast who I don't know.

I just hope I did not kill my race with good beer and bad food this week.

Party on


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Sounds like a crazy week! I'll be interested to see how you do with the low heart rate training you've done. Good luck!

Carl Gammon said...

Good luck and have fun this weekend. We'll all be looking here for your Ice Age report next week.

SteveQ said...

How can you call Morton's bad food? Did you at least get a doggy bag for me and the other poor people who've never been there? I think the Hofbrauhaus has had enough turn over in staff that I can go back there again.

Kel said...

Good luck this weekend Matt. Word is that the trail is in great shape!