Friday, May 16, 2008

the best races in MN

As many of you know, tomorrow are the Spring Superior Hiking Trail Races, 25k and 50k. In my opinion, the best races in Minnesota (I include the fall races in here as well).

This was my first adventure in to true trail racing and ultra racing two years ago. Outside of that, I had only done Trail Mix. As Lewis Black, the comedian, would say;
"MTV is to music as KFC is to chicken"

No offense to Trail Mix, (sorry O.C.) but,

Trail Mix is to SHT races as KFC is to chicken.

I know many of you are 5k, 10k, and half marathon runners. Many of you think the longer than marathon runners are crazy, but listen to this.

You have to run one of these races some time! The time and miles go by. The views are breath taking, and on my first one, we saw a Moose!

The 25k offers up a big challenge, but is worth it to just see the trail. Power hike it if you want.

The 50k will change the way you look at running and make you a trail runner like it did me.

I had the opportunity spend a work day in Duluth today, so I ventured up here last night and stayed at Fitgers. We were upgraded to a suite, which was awemsome.

We had dinner last night at my old friends restuarant, nokomis on the lake. I highly recommended it. Tell the owner you run with me, and he will charge you extra. Not only was it good food, but he has 5 Belles beers on the menu. I got their last consecrator dopplebock.... Sweet! They had 6, with hopslam, but just ran out last week :(.

So my challenge to you no trail runners. Put this race on the calendar for next year (or do the marathon in fall, and hike it). I have a feeling I will be up there for years to come, even if I am not racing.

And by the way, I know how to "take it easy". But, I feel the juices flowing through my veins right now, and can't wait to hit the trail in the morning.

I will be competing against Steve Quick to see who can pick the most flowers.

22 hours until start............


Bryan said...

Kick it man!

Can't wait to hear how you guys do... or to finally get up there myself in September.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Good Luck! Count me in as one of those who think anything longer than marathon is crazy. Hell, right now I think 26.2 is crazy!

My parents live near Lutsen, so one of these times I'll come watch or volunteer, if not run it myself.

Todd said...

Have a great run Matt. Don't forget to double check your drop bag to make sure you have ALL the essentials.

SteveQ said...

Considering how I feel today, I can win the flower picking contest, because I'll have more time.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

I emailed my parents to see if they knew anyone running SHT race this weekend (they live there). Thought you would get a kick out of my mom's response to me:

"no I don't know anyone who might be doing this except crazy people that might have an extra leg to break . It's hard enough walking on the trail."

phillip said...

Regarding the comment about ultra runners being crazy:

At the Oberg aid station outbound Saturday, all of the Two Harbors ski team were there running the food/water. I asked them about skiing as I sipped my Heed and refilled my electrolyte bottle.
At the end, my summation to them was: continue to ski, one has to be demented to do this ultra trail business.

On the inbound, their leader, Nikkii Carpenter, was performing the aid station duties. It was such a nice day, she had sent the team out for a hike (and the runner traffic at my time was pretty thin :).

My words either didn't sink in or they thought demented was a good thing because Nikkii said several were considering the idea.

Nice seeing you and the gracious Mrs. Patten.

Phillip Gary Smith