Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winter Cross Training


After taking 3 days off from running two weeks ago, and 4 days off last week, I mentally feel like I am starting over. I know its not true, but "the other half is mental" part usually gets me.

I have enjoyed my snow shovel cross training, though.

On Sunday morning we had 8 inches on the driveway. I have a pretty large driveway, one that "has to be snowblowed or plowed". Me being an ultra dude now said "forget that... tough is the man that can shovel it all". In reality, me snowblower is broken, but the tough part sounds better.

I remember back to Dick Beardsley talking about how he used snow shoveling as a way to get back in shape after (one of many serious) an injury.

In half an hour I had two thirds done. I almost slapped on the HR monitor to do a recap. It was a good workout. I realized how good of shape I am still in, as I probably did the whole drive faster than most would shovel one half the size, and I was not even tired.

Back to running,
This week so far all on the dreadmill -
Monday - Tempo run - 6miles - 4 at tempo (7:10 pace)
Tuesday - recovery 6 - plus some weights + shoveling
Wednesday - Hills (7 half mile repeats at 15% grade - 5 mph) - more shoveling

Need to get a long run in soon, but I will not do it on the dreadmill, I don't have Yak Traks, or snowshoes. I guess I will have to compromise somewhere.

The next three months are always the hardest for me to stay running. I guess we are pretty much at the start point for spring races. We are 4 months out from the Chippewa 50k, so that will help the focus.


SteveQ said...

A dozen weeks until race season! Thanks for scaring me into training again.

When shoveling, I always try the John Henry approach, seeing if I can finish before the neighbors snowblow theirs (didn't John Henry die?...)

aharmer said...

I'm visualizing the Stables of Augeus, but Hercules is wearing Asics, a hydration pack and a Garmin 305!

keith said...

12 weeks until the snow is gone? That doesn't seem so bad. Can you put a guarantee on that?

northwoods bryan said...

Hercules wished it was only snow he had to clean out of Augeus's stable.