Thursday, November 29, 2007

Recovery from Thanksgiving week

A little time off from blogging.

The family was in town all last week, and I actually took 3 days off from running! My hip flexors are bothering me, so now is the time to heal.

After fixing dinner for over 30 people, I was done.

Have been feeling under the weather this week, but managed a tempo run on Tuesday. Still able to crank out 5 miles at tempo pace in 35:35. The ice on my bandanna was bathersome.

I am hoping to get some kind of workout today, but still feel sick.

In addition to the sports drinks, I have been working on a homemade shot block recipe.

Maybe will hit the trails on Saturday. Afton anyone?


keith said...

I have to play chauffer to my girlfriend who is LEAVING FOR FLORIDA on Saturday. I may try and sneak out to Afton on Sunday morning if it isn't frigid.

Now's the time to get all the being sick out of the way! Don't get sick the day before your first big race next year like I habitually do.

SteveQ said...

I'd be up for another chance to fall in the St. Croix. I'd like to get in 3 1/2 hours, weather permitting. Hope I didn't give you one of the bugs I've had.

northwoods bryan said...

"If it isn't frigid?" What?

I was planning on Afton tomorrow but now I am tied up for the morning, and will probably be getting there to start around 1:00. Maybe I'll get there in time to wave hi as you're on your way out.