Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Maintenance

I was able to get in 50 miles last week, most of it low key.

I have switched to "maintenance" mode, with weekly goals of 1 LT workout, 1 hill workout, and 1 long run. The long run being winter long run, so 10 miles or more.

I put in the LT run yesterday and held 6 miles at a 7:08 pace. I am almost to the point of bumping up the speed one notch on LT.

Recovery run today, hills tomorrow.

It has all been dreadmill running, which I am fine with now.

Looking to go at least 15 miles on Saturday, but really want to do that outside. I have not figured out the location yet (I don't have any cool snow gear).

This will be the schedule more or less until late Feb, with particular focus on increasing that LT pace, and increasing the number of hill repeats.


aharmer said...


If you have 11+ size shoes stop by and get my Microspikes. Then you can run the RTA and let me know how they work! You can have them for the winter, if I do any running this winter it most certainly will not be on any hills or ice!

Runner Brewer said...


I am guessing it might cost me some home brew, but then again, you are on a diet...

I will consider it, and call it product research.

keith said...

helluva job, matt.

are you going to try to do SST 100?