Monday, December 17, 2007

Lactate Threshold has improved!

Mondays are my LT days, and today I moved it up one notch (8.4 mph to 8.5 mph).

After a 1 mile warm up, I did 6 miles at 8.5 (7:03 pace) at 2% incline. Heart Rate stayed under LT (about 167) until about 4.5 miles into that pace. The rest gradually increased to 174.

No soreness or exhaustion. In fact, it was not hard to complete the workout. I think this is how LT's are supposed to work.

I plan to do the same exact workout next Monday and compare my HR data.

Time and patience will get that pace well under 7.


aharmer said...


I haven't consulted my library of running books so my memory could be shady. Isn't LT usually estimated as the pace at which you could race for approximately one hour? I think the pace you're calling LT is closer to marathon pace, or aerobic threshold than LT. That hour run you described wasn't full effort right? Your LT pace is probably closer to 6:35-6:40 unless my memory is completely abandoning me right now.

Runner Brewer said...

Most books I have read say the LT Pace is about the same as a half marathon or 15k pace, so yes, it is probably faster.

I have spent years doing it at the pace you just mentioned, with not so great results. (fatigue, shin splints, mental fatigue).

I am strictly judging this based on hear rate. I am also guessing my max HR is higher than 188, but not by much (I know it is not 184, the standard equation).

All I care at this point is improvement without pain or fatigue.

aharmer said...

That's a good way to look at it. Up for a trip to EP this weekend? Do you have snowshoes?

Runner Brewer said...

No dice, I will be in Chicago.

Maybe the following weekend?

I have not spikes.

Kel said...

Matt, the equations are just guesses. The only way you will learn your max heart rate or lactate threshold for running is to actually measure it. Max heart rate & LT are also exercise specific, so you'll have to measure them while running (as opposed to a cycling or some other test).

I usually check my max over a 4 mile run, with the majority at a tempo pace, picking it up at about 800 meters, then an all out 400 meters. My max HR doing that is 197. The standard equation estimates my max to be 173.

I guess LT is a little tricker - I typically go by ventilatory threshold (which is not a direct measurement of LT or AT), or my 10K pace (because I'm slow and run 10K's in the low 50 min range).

SteveQ can probably provide better insight to all of this in a more eloquent manner than I can.

Bottom line - go with what works for you ;)

SteveQ said...

I'll address lactate threshold in a post sometime soon. If I understand Kel's "ventilatory threshold," correctly, I agree with her.

I am so jealous of all of you and your high maximum heart rates! Mine's 180, measured by sprinting uphill until collapsing, then sprinting again. But, then again, I can run at 95% max for hours.

aharmer said...

My photographer buddy was planning on shooting the Superior races in 2007 but got stuck in an airport somewhere the day before. No official plans yet but he'll know my race schedule and wants to do it.