Thursday, December 13, 2007

Virtual Hills


Another day on the dreadmill yesterday.

Hill repeats again

8 intervals of 1/2 mile, 5mph, 15% incline.

I was able to do 8 with only hitting 170 HR on the final interval. So, this can officially double as an LT workout.

I am a little sore, but not "in pain".

I am getting psyched for spring already, assuming I can hold these 3 key workouts per week (LT, Hills, Long run).

A sub 8 hour Ice Age might be realistic instead of pie in the sky.

I am getting closer to firming up my 2008 race schedule, and with that I will have goal times. I usually set them out of reach so I don't slack off.

Recovery run today, misc. tomorrow, and hopefully a long on Saturday.


keith said...

So you run hills and intervals pretty much year-round? basebuilding over the off-season?

keith said...

And thanks for your offer of the bike...I'll mull it over. I'm pretty happy so far with the radically restructured schedule I've picked out for Dec. / Jan. and early Feb. But you never know when you might decide to add even MORE spice into the mix.

Can't wait to see your race schedule.

SteveQ said...

I spent years getting injured by trying to shoehorn three quality workouts per week; I just can't do it for more than a couple of weeks. Now that I'm in the master's class, I try to make my long run include hills or long intervals, giving me two very hard days per week and plenty of easy days.

Whatever works.

aharmer said...

Yeah, you better not get injured this spring! How do you plan on beating my ass on the trail if you're laid up from training too hard???

Runner Brewer said...

Them sound like fighting words!

aharmer said...

Just a little stoke of the fire to get the competitive juices flowing.