Thursday, November 1, 2007

Treadmill hill workout

Not sure how many of you use a "dreadmill" during the winter, but I started a few years ago and have had some great results. If anything, I get a run in when I might opt out because of many reasons outside.

Here is one I did yesterday. I like the fact that you can track progress and keep conditions static (except for the temperature inside the house). This is a hill workout I started in prep for Ice Age 50. I struggled before the race to complete 6 of these intervals, but was able to do 7 yesterday (and not die on the 7th).

Warm up with 1 mile at 8 minute pace, 2% incline (i always keep at least 2% to simulate actual road running).

Drop the speed to 6 miles per hour (10 min pace) and increase incline to 12% - do that for a half mile.

Recovery interval = reduce incline back to 2% for 1/4 mile.

The first couple of intervals seem easy, but they get tough.

This is almost like a combo workout; Hill; kind of a VO2, kind of a Lactate threshold.

Give it a try. Let me know what your hill work outs look like.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Let me start by saying that I HATE to run on a dreadmill. I'd rather run outside under any conditions, rather than run on one. That said, I do use a treadmill for training, though. I only use the treadmill for hill-walking training (for ultras).

I set it at 15% grade (all the way up), and set the speed at 4.1 MPH. I walk at this pace for 10 minutes, then set the speed at 4.3 to 4.5 MPH for 10 more minutes, then drop it back down to 4.1 MPH for the final 10 minutes. In the Spring, I'll double all of the times for a 60-minute workout.

This workout really helps me get ready for those Western "mountain" 100s, because it's hard to simulate a 1-hour climb in the Midwest. Also, I never get much "walking training," otherwise. If you don't train to walk fast uphill, it's hard to do it in a race, and your flexors and such will be mighty sore, if you haven't trained for it.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

aharmer said...

I do a similar TM workout. I do a couple TM workouts as fitness indicators throughout the year...maintain variables as you mentioned and monitor HR during the run.

My "hill" workout is 0.25 miles at 9% incline, 7mph followed by 0.25 miles at 0% incline, 7mph. Continue to alternate for one hour.

Randy said...

What type of treadmill do you use and how happy are you with it? thanks much, Randy

Runner Brewer said...

I have a Pace master Gold Elite, purchased from 2nd Wind.

It works okay, but in 2 years have busted two decks. They say this never happens, but have talked to two runners who have had similar problems. I don't think they are designed for serious training, especially speed intervals (10mhp at 2% incline for .5 mile segments). A couple of months of that in the winter and boom, rollers break.

Landice is the leader in the industry, but will put you back 3-4k