Sunday, November 11, 2007

MN-DRS November Fat Ass recap

Thanks to all who came and participate in the Fat Ass at Richard T. Anderson (now dubbed the McGiver course for a good time yesterday.

I arrived shortly after 7am to find some runners thinking our 4 hour time was way too short. Phillip and Karen were out doing loops for a few hours already.

Adam Harmer marked the course, and was kind enough to speak in English instead of metric.

We unloaded the goodies shortly the "Gang" arrived. It was great to finally met people who I have emailed over the years.

We started running shortly after 8, to jump right into hill repeats. It seemed to be most of the course, which I enjoy now. A few good log hops. There was a criss cross area which reminded me of a demolition derby video game. I loved the warning signs "cross traffic".

I had the opportunity to run with Keith Krone, Adam Harmer, Allan Holtz, Steve Quick "The Bandit", Bill from Hastings, Carl Gammon, Zach Pierce, Bryan, Tom and a few other names I misplaced with faces. As always with trail running, the funny stories came out.

There were plenty of good eats provided by all of the runners, and the beer went off well (almost drained that keg). I got a kick out Tom (Adams Neighbor), who instead of refilling water at the loop, would sneak a beer and brownie.

Around noon most of stopped. We awarded Steve Quick "The Bandit" with the fastest loop trophy (a 2 liter bottle of beer). I think he ran it in 20 minutes, pretty good for a hilly 4k loop.

A bunch of us hung out afterwards over a make shift fire (turkey fryer) and shared great running stories. It was a good opportunity to discuss next years races.

The only casualty of the day was the woman who lost her key on the course. We all refrained from helping her hot wire her car, as she waited hours for it to be resolved.

Thanks to all who made it a memorable day. Email me pictures if you took any and I will post them.

Until next time..... keep those trails worn through.


aharmer said...

Hey Matthew,

Great fun yesterday, thanks again for the brew! I posted some thoughts as well. Talk to you soon.

keith said...

Yo dude

we've got to plan another of these events soon!

thanks again for the root beer!

northwoods bryan said...

Thanks Matt - that was a great time.

Wayne said...

Matt, was good to see you again Sat (until the running started anyway, and then afterwards). :) Thanks for all you did to make it happen, and for all the stuff you brought... I definitely enjoyed the root beer.
A double at Grandma's, huh? No way for me, but I'd consider helping you guys -- taking you to your start point, maybe crewing for you along the way. Yeah, I think you guys should go for it!