Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trying to find something to run for

Tis the season when all the races are over (all the races I like at least) and the challenge becomes not loosing the conditioning. I am not a big 5K fan, and that is mostly what the races are until....Spring. Might do the Securian 1/2 in February, but I always say that and never do.

I have been in "maintaining" mode. At least one LT work out per week, and one hill workout if I don't plan on being on the trails that week.

My LT workout this week was Monday, and quite refreshing. It felt effortless to clip off 7:10 and 7:15 miles, and one came in at 6:40. Wasn't trying but I knew I sped up. Total workout was 1 mile at 8min, 6 at tempo (7:10-7:15) and a 3 cool down at 8:30-8:40. No pain! (even on the next day)

The rest of the week was an 8 mile recovery and off yesterday (4 days and 44 miles, I could feel the strain coming).

I am almost to the point where I am "in training" for Chippewa or Ice Age. I am debating on getting approval to do Psycho Wyco in Feb. Approval being the blessing from my family.

My goal is to get a 20-30 mile trail run in once per month through the dark months. I am not sure if Saturdays run counted as I only went 17.5.

I will find something more interesting to write about soon. Kids b-day party tomorrow... The parents are in all next week.. I guess no trails for me.


keith said...

maybe you can drag the in-laws out for a run or a walk on your favorite trail.

I think there's a winter wyco race that you could train for...

SteveQ said...

I finally polished off your Sierra Nevada clone - along with a gallon of ice cream and a bag of Doritos. I feel a little sick (but it's a cold I picked up, not the beer and junk food).

I should have a blog of training going sometime soon; I just need to have something worth writing about. I did find a new favorite trail to run... the uphills require climbing with one's hands!

SteveQ said...

Check out the new blog!

Carl Gammon said...

I plan on getting out to Afton whenever I can manage it over the next few months. There are always folks out there doing something. I'll even get my snowshoes and Yak Trax stored in the car for any conditions.

I hope you can make it to the Fat Ass the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I know I'm looking forward to it.