Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How many distances have you raced?

I have thought about this topic for a while, and am curious how many of you have "raced" all the standard distances there are to race (and the not so standard).

I think back to when I started running races outside of just constantly running around the neighborhood. One of my first races was the Chicago Distance Classic 20k in 1991. Still to this day, I have not run that distance as a race since. I can't even remember seeing a 20k in the Twin Cities at all. I heard about a 15k somewhere this year, what an odd distance to race.

So chime in with a comment. Start with a distance no shorter than a mile, and go as far as you have gone (are there any 150 mile runners out there?). Name the race too, most recent if you have done it multiple times.

Mile (college games)
5k (Arena 5k, Minneapolis)
8k (Human Race, St. Paul)
10k (Get in Gear, Minneapolis)
10 Mile (Fred Kurz, Minnetonka)
20k (Chicago Distance Classic)
Half Marathon (New Prague)
25k (Trail Mix, Bloomington)
30k (Northwoods races, White Bear Lake)
20 Mile (Bear Water 20, White Bear Lake)
Marathon (Whistle Stop, Ashland, WI)
50K (Superior Trail, Lutsen, MN)
50 Mile (Superior Trail Races, Lutsen, MN)

I think that is all she wrote.


Carl Gammon said...

OK, I'll play along. My list is all actual races, including some oddball distances that are due to a specific course. Some date back to my days in Hawaii.

I may have missed a distance or two over my 28 years, but that's how memory works at this age. :-)

5K (Legends, MN)
8K (Human Race, MN)
5M (Easy Does It, MN)
10K (Run for the Roses, MN)
8.15M (Great Aloha Run, HI)
15K (Norman Tamanaha Memorial, HI)
10M (Tantalus Road Run, HI)
Half Marathon (New Prague, MN)
25K (Afton Trail, MN)
30K (??name??, HI)
20M (Bear Water, MN)
Marathon (Twin Cities, MN)
50K (Afton, MN)
36M (Run to the Sun, Maui, HI)
12 Hour (FANS, MN)
50M (Superior Trail, MN)
100K (Great Philadelphia to Atlantic City Road Race, PA/NJ)
24H (FANS, MN)

keith said...

5K - too numerous to mention
10K - Runnin' In The Ruff
10M - Chester Woods
25K - Afton
1/2 Marathon - Sour Grapes
Marathon - Moose Mtn
50K - Trail Mix

(I'm still relatively new to distance running...)

imarathon.org said...

Wow, I don't think I can compete with that list...but I'll give it a shot. Some aren't actually races but I had to prepare for them like they were :) and I've picked my favorite race when I've run duplicates...

2 mile (HS Soccer Fitness Test)
3 mile (College Soccer Fitness Test)
5K (Race for the Cure)
8K (Amy Thompson Race to Daylight)
4M (Trolley Run
10K (Get in Gear)
Half Marathon (Drake Relays)
25K (Afton)
Marathon (Pike's Peak)

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Another Brewer/Runner!

I've run a few different distances, and I know that I'm forgetting a few:

5K (TNTC - too numerous to count)
4M (Cherry Picker's Trot, Spokane, WA - 3 times)
5M (Hangover Handicap, Coeurd'Alene, Idaho - 5 times)
10K (TNTC)
12K (Bloomsday, Spokane, WA - 20 times since 1978)
15K (Cascade Run Off, Portland, OR - twice)
10M (Tab Ten Miler - twice, and Sundae Sunday...4 times, Spokane Washington)
Half Marathon (TNTC)
25K (Newman Lake, WA - 4 times)
Marathon (38 paved marathons, 8 trail marathons)
50K (TNTC)
50M (TNTC, but here are my favorites: Minnesota Voyageur - 5 times; PCT Mt Hood - twice; Sunmart - twice; Heartland - once; Superior Trail, MN, 2004)
100K (Kettle Moraine, 2004)
100M (RR100 - 5 times, Javelina Jundred - once, CCC100 - twice)

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

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Ben, aka BadBen said...

Oh yeah...I did the Rock Bridge Revenge 20K, twice. (Missouri trail run).

Todd said...

Most recent listed
5k - umm, probably at the Ft. Snelling relays 4 years ago
6k (yeah - I know it's weird, but it happens to be the distance of the walking path around Rice Lake in Maple Grove and my work holds a run/walk wellness race there every year. Bib numbers and a clock and on aid station and cookies and apple cider afterwards in the cafeteria - Nov 3 06).
10k - Victory in 2006
10 mile - Fred Kurz 2007
Half marathon - Urban Wildlands 2005
25k - Trail Mix 07
marathon _ Whistlestop 07
50k - Rock Creek Trail - Perry KS, 2007
100k relay (me = 30k) - 2003, Catskill Mtn Road Relay

Wayne said...

For odd distances, head to Rochester... a couple of the normal yearly races are 15K, 11mile, 20K.
My list: 1mi, 5k, 8k, 5mi, 10k, 15k, 10mi, 11mi, 20k, 1/2marathon, 25k, 20mi, marathon.

Kel said...

I won't count orienteering races because each and every one is a different distance.

1 mile - twice a week during high school track season
5K - lots
4 mile - MDRA Mudball, Dances With Dirt
10K - Get In Gear multiple times
15K - MDRA Masters
10 mile - TCM 10 mile, In Yan Teopa trail
25K - Afton
20 mile - Get Ready To Rock
Marathon - TCM