Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ice Age Plan

After reading my Ice Age report from last year, seeing the forecast for Saturday, and knowing the condition I am in, I have decided to.....

Run Hard!

If I do the first Marathon portion at the same pace, and maintain it for the remainder of the race, I will break 8 hours.

Will I break 8 hours? Don't know if that is in the cards. I am pretty sure I could do 8:30.

I am not worried about how it will affect Kettle 100. I have 4 weeks to recover, and no races in between.

Last year the heat killed me, not my conditioning. And, I ran Superior 50k the week after Ice Age.

I feel great, and feel like I have an awesome run in the hopper.


Steve posted a poll on his blog on how many hours Wynn will beat him by.

In that spirit, I am predicting I will beat Steve (He ran 100M 4 weeks ago, 50k 3 weeks ago, 50k 2 weeks ago, and god knows what kind of non recovery routine.

I am measuring by how much not by time, but by beers.

At the end of the race, Milwaukee Ale House has nice brew at the end. How many beers will I consume after the race before Steve finishes? We will see.... Take the poll.
Steve.... I do hope you see the humor in this.


And one last note. Adam and I have a battle going.

Adam is running FANS the same day I am doing Kettle 100. I challenged him to see "Who can hit the 100 Mile mark first?"

Considering he has to keep going after he hits the 100 (24 hour timed event), and I get to stop at 100, that compensates for the difference in race courses.

Anybody want to chime in with predictions?

How about what the loser has to do?


Steve said...

Ha, ha, ha. Had to vote for the pi reference for beers consumed. I will be missing Ice Age this year due to my wife's surgery tomorrow. But, that gives me the opportunity to do a long solo training run within the next couple of weeks to prepare for Kettle 100 (I won't have a pacer for that race). Anyway, good luck and crank out a fast one, Matt!

nwgdc said...

Loser runs for Wisco next year at Chippewa. Wait...neither of you will be running Chippewa, will you...

Londell said...

You need to add the "I will not beat Steve" in the poll? Knowing Steve, he will beat you to 25 miles, then crash, and he will finish, but you will be well into the beer by then? But then again, you missed a turn at Zombro that was a costly error? So can you make a wrong turn and do a 100K while Steve does 50 Miles?

Either way, good luck and stay safe!

nwgdc said...

I wanted to vote for 1.5 beers, but was unable to, given the choices. I figured you'd finish and chug a beer, but then end up a bit nauseous and puke some of it up.

Andrew said...

I predict, drum roll please, that you will beat Steve - but not by as much as you think. Adam will win the race to 100, that dude can't throttle it back to save himself.

Matthew Patten said...


Ice Age is pretty darn easy to stay on course. And I know the course. Looks like Kim will be there to kick my butt again.

Nic..... Try Harder


I have no expectations on beating Steve. I actually think he will run his best 50, and have a great race. I expect him to be under 10 hours.

SteveQ said...

Matt, we all know I have no sense of humor. You're going DOWN! Down like cheap suds through your thick gullet. Down like a winter jacket. Down like a Syndrome.

Wait, what was I saying?

Get Primal said...

I'll have to vote for myself. I'm putting together a plan tonight, but I hope to be to 100 before 20 hrs.

Nic brings up a good point about running Chippewa. With three of us at the helm I'd think one of the three could run every year if we wanted. I had 2009 so who runs 2010?

SteveQ said...

Matt, you're going DOWN!
Down like Sully's plane in the Hudson.
Down like the value of my house.
Down like Paris Hilton on a date.

Man, I suck at trash talk.

Zach said...

I'm definitely going to have to go with Adam as well, as the earlier poster said, he won't dial it back, but will likely suffer more in the end :)

Have an awesome race though, I know you'll spank it.