Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Training = Quick Recovery

I have heard this many times, but did not truly believe.

I am now a believer.

I felt pretty good after the race last week, and by Monday was back to my normal pace. I actually felt stronger, and ready to rock.

I put in a 10 miler Monday, 8 on Tuesday, 10 on Thursday, and 14 on Friday. They all felt great. I could have kept going on Friday, but ran out of time.

I ended up being out of town part of this week, so was able to run in the Mirror Lake State Park by the Wisconsin Dells. Very pretty. I did get a little too adventurous and.... let's just say had to use I90/94 to get back to a normal road. OOpps. I was not on the interstate, just paralleled it along the fence line.

My biggest fear at that point was being shot by a drunken cheese-head. But then again, they usually are asleep at that hour.

Took the weekend off due to family stuff in Chicago.

So it's hills and medium runs for the next two weeks then....... Revenge!



keith said...

Shot by a drunken cheese head? I think they probably would have given you a "wisconsin welcome" a la deliverance before they shot ya...

Hope your vengeance is sweet.

nwgdc said...

I guess I'm surprised you had "family" stuff in "Chicago." It seems every weekend everyone in Chicago is up here...