Friday, May 29, 2009

And now....... wait

Forecast for KM100 June 6th

High 71°
Low 55°

Chance of precipitation 60%

Chance of DNF 0%


I emailed the Race Directors this week wondering if it was legal to leave an aid station in a car to go sit in a lake to cool off.

They were fine with that, as long as I came back to the aid station in the proper cut off time.

I don't plan on this, but as a method for covering every base, it helps to know it is an emergency option.


The "Ego Challenge" probably will not be a Twitter event. Too many things one has to do to make it happen.

Adam might have somebody do a couple of updates on his (aharmer), and we might have a some updates on my profile (Matthew Patten) user name is kettlefans. If you twit a lot, don't expect squat from me. If anything I will Tweet on Friday, during the race, and maybe a final post race Tweet. My life is not interesting enough to have what I am doing published to the world. But the race should be a good test.


I have a ton of yard work to do between now and about Tuesday. After then, it is no heavy work. All easy stuff.

I think I have the game plan figured out for the race. It is interesting to see how few people break 20 hours. Most think it is an "easy" 100, but the results just don't show that. 9 people in the last 3 years have broken 20 hours. I think that is an arbitrary number, though, that any 24 hour conditioned runner would love to do. It is tempting, but more than likely not realistic for me. If you go by the 2.6 rule for the 50, that puts me at 22 hours or so.

Anything faster..... gravy. Anything can happen, though.


I started training for this race in late October. I kind of knew all along I would be back to try and redeem myself. It has been a long road. The hardest was those 70+ mile weeks in the dead of winter on the treadmill. The weekend runs at Afton are fun, and I would do those without a race on the calendar.

I just want the race to get here now.

Good luck to all who are running FANS.

And good luck to the "Gnarly Bandits" at Kettle (I am not one).


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Too far out to be looking at the weather reports. But that would be a good forecast for you, wouldn't it? How hot was it last year? I'm too lazy to re-read posts to go look.

I do not get the whole Twitter thing. I signed up but can't figure it out. (And don't really want to).

You are well trained and ready! Good luck!

Londell said...

Now that you know you can take a lake break, you have to! Maybe you and quick could get lost and fall in a lake? Kidding... You trained well and deserve the success you will have.

nwgdc said...

It's looking good for your potential pacer.
I had penciled in a bunch of work in the yard at the office, but my help (patient with a bill) can't do it that weekend, so I'm free!
Now I need to get my mind around the task a bit. Expect an email soon on specific questions...

nwgdc said...

It does sound like it's gonna be EPIC, though...

Helen said...

Excellent job roping Nic into pacing you Matt - definitely increasing my chances of getting a beer at the finish line of Grandma's a fraction before him...!!oh - and I have no doubt increases your change of winning the ego challenge too :)

enjoy an easy week. i decided to completely abandon yard work this year with all the racing - I know, such dedication.

SteveQ said...

Crew?! Pacer?! Asking the RD about loopholes??? You've gone to the dark side, Matt. 22 hours is just wicked.

The race doesn't get Gnarly until about 27-28 hours.

Scott said...

It's been really cool to see all of your training and planning come to focus on this race. If intent has anything to do with it you have this race in the bag! Don't mean to jinx you. Good luck this weekend.