Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heat acclimation 2009 - Take 1

The news said it was 90 or so when I set out for an easy 6 miler last night.

The sun was still intense, and was the perfect time to get my but out into real heat.

For those of you who don't know me, heat & humidity are my serious weak points. I still believe its the high dew points which kill me, not the raw heat. Tonight reinforced that theory.

It felt fine. I didn't even sweat that much until I returned home.

I keep telling a few people that I am "a new man" this year, and being able to run a decent race in heat would prove that. But, I don't want heat for the next one.

As for the rest of my heat acclimation training - Spend as much time outside as possible.

Gardening, cutting wood, busting up those ugly tree stumps, mowing the lawn, digging graves, etc.


And... I officially have crew for Kettle! Bill P is going down to make sure I don't wuss out like I did last year. I might have to make up my own waiver/disclaimer. "You have permission to inflict bodily harm on me if I .......... "(you get the picture)

He might also do the Matt vs. Adam race updates. He is also going to make sure there is U2 blasting at each aid station and a cup of Starbucks for Steve Q.


SteveQ said...

So, in the 4 or 5 hours after you finish, can Bill crew for me?

I too am thinking about heat training for Kettle - no air conditioning at the Quick house.

keith said...

You're going to do fine with or without crew...sounds like you've got some good training in!

johnmaas said...

Keep training in the heat.
When it is only 70-80F, you will crush the course at Kettle.
I might be at FANS to keep an eye on Adam.

Anonymous said...

Does Bill want to pace me at Kettle? This is Ryan that ran with him at IA50. Whether he can or not can you get him my email.
I might be able to offer my crew to substitute for Bill?