Thursday, April 30, 2009

A good day.... Finally

I have felt like a train wreck even since Zumbro (until a few days ago).

I had horrible allergies hit me almost 2 weeks ago, and just did not feel like doing squat.

Every run was like trying to restart the engines of a 747 doing a nose dive from 40,000. Okay.... horrible analogy.

My attempt at a long run this weekend was pathetic.

I finally mustered up an Afton trip on Tuesday to do hill repeats. I was happy to get in 12 up Campground hill, and felt great. All of them up under 5 minutes (to the post with the blue diamond on it..... Steve knows it).

I was a bit sore from that, but recharged.

Felt like a freight train this morning (that's a good feeling).

I was worried I would not be recovered for Ice Age, but now I am confident. But, this leads me to a dilemma at Ice Age

* Do I run the race I know I can run?
* Do I run the race I should run?
* Do I run the race I want to run?

The hardest thing I deal with is not doing #3 when things are going well.

I know I am not going to run the race I can run, which leaves me to the should vs. want.

Part of my personality and life has this "You only have so many of these left" mentality. "Go for it while you can". I know it does not make sense to some, but many completely understand.

I have 1 more week to figure it out.


Carl Gammon said...

Yeah, it's a tough conundrum and we all face it in different races.

There's another question you should be asking first: "What is the race goal I really want?" Kettle, right?

So, if at Ice Age you run the race you "want" to run, and suffer at Kettle, you're going to be really mad at yourself.

That comment, "I only have so many of these left," applies to Kettle, too. First goal - make sure that's a good one.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Building on what Carl said - it depends on your goal.

If Kettle is your goal, then you need to run "smartly" beforehand - for your training runs and races. So that likely means not runing Ice Age the way you "can" or the way you "want", but the way you "should".

Perfectly clear, right?

Stephen said...

I won't give advice other than listen to your body and think about your most important goals.

Good luck and be smart, whatever you choose.