Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Potential for a perfect day?

Weather.com forecast for Saturday in Whitewater, WI

High 64
Low 50
30% chance of precipitation.

Now that's change I can believe in!


And now...... for the LAMEST excuse I have ever heard.

Dr. Nick Riviera was going to pace me from 62 miles on (I told him it was an easy, free way to do the fun run), and he can't do it now because...... he has nobody to watch his dog.

I will have to make up a plaque for his office "You've tried the best. Now, try the rest"

Nic, I am now on Helen's side for Grandma's. :)


I think I have awesome crew as well. Bill and I have talked through a few things, and it looks like I have all of the bases covered. My only problem I could have at this point is going out too fast.

I have a theory on this - One CAN go out too slow. There is a sweet spot somewhere in there.

I still maintain this will be a breakthrough race for me. Hey, I am 2 for 2 in winning my age class this year! I would have to beat Zach Gingerich to make it 3 for 3, as there are only open and master awards :(.


One of the purposes of this blog is to maintain a "this is what works for me" attitude, instead of trying to preach.

With that in mind, I will probably do a post before the race of "what I do in preparation".

If anybody finds this useful or interesting, let me know. If not, let me know anyway (except for you, Steve Q).

And by the way Steve.... finding a lake is not a loophole. The RDs sanctioned it.

There is virtue in being prepared.


Not doing the twitter thing for this race. Instead, I will post a link to the race updates. They are somewhat frequent.


nwgdc said...

Hell, I'm on Helen's side at this point, cosidering how crappy the runs have been as of late. I'm not sure we've ever made a wager, but I'm taking her.
Also, I must be the only person that doesn't watch The Simpson's AT ALL, as I've been asked if I know the Riviera character at least a dozen times, and still don't. Wiki tells me he graduated from "Hollywood Upstairs Medical College," which is pretty damn funny.
Thanks for pouring salt on the wounds, good buddy. Appreciate it.

Helen said...

Aw poor Nic. Now I almost feel bad for you. What a minute - what's your plan for Grandma's??!! Hey - to make up for letting Matt down perhaps you could pace me for the first 20 miles of Grandma's?? I'll be fine for the last 6 - and I even wouldn't be upset if you took off ahead of me... well, not too upset.

Anyway, this is Matt's blog so what I really wanted to say (until I saw the above comment) was... Please do post pre-race. I love hearing how people are doing in the last days before a big race like this. It's interesting to hear about different preparations etc. The weather does look sweet. Same deal for FANS - might finally make it somewhat appealing to someday run that darn race. Somewhat. Someday.

nwgdc said...

I strongly second a pre-race post. I love that kind of info--the final preps, the weather, the head games you're going through...let's hear it!

SteveQ said...

One can indeed go out too slow; I learned that at Superior 100.

The race doesn't test for EPO, so I guess that's sanctioned too.

I'm predicting you'll hit the finish line in 23:30. Not the 22 you mentioned, but the sub-24 award's a mighty good one.