Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More evidence to support building an aerobic base

There are 4 reason I write this blog. Here they in a random order.
1 - Here is what works for me. Do it if you like, or don't
2 - A method of other runners holding me accountable.
3 - A way to document and capture races through reports (the way I experienced the race)
4 - Advocating alternative training plans.

I know #1 kind of contradicts #4, but #4 has become significant.

So, with that said, I was nervous to see how today's tempo run was going to be. I decided to up the speed from last week (9.3 mph, 6:28) to 9.5 mph (6:18).

Oh crap, was I really going to do this? This is where 2 years ago I would suck wind and start going into "the red zone".

But, I gave it a shot. At least today I was only going to do 6 miles at that pace, instead of 8.

Well, the long and short of it, I ended up doing 8 at that pace.

2.5 miles into the tempo pace segment, my heart rate starting dropping (just like it did last week). At 6 I was still relaxed and comfortable. Might as well do 8.

Max hr = 159
Avg hr = 153

So, I was only 1 beat higher for the average and 1 beat lower on the max.

I have never been able to run at that pace comfortably. So I am officially in unchartered waters (for myself).

The only other factors I can attribute this to (other than the long, slow, base building over ther winter) are the 1 - weight loss. 2 - Hornet stings. I have been improving ever since the hornets attacked.

Hope to get in 80 again this week.

Zumbro here I come


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Just thought I drop you a note to let you know that runners out there read your blog. We must be doing similar plans because I had a tempo last week and your post encouraged me to step it up a bit. I planned to do 7 at just under 1/2 pace and ended up with 10. So tonight's run will be an experiment for me too.

Keep writing!

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Your progress continues to be amazing! You are gonna kick butt this year!

Andrew said...

I was convinced when reading your earlier post that you accidentally changed your treadmill to KPH or something like that. Holy crap, I left numbers like that back in high school and figured I'd never see them again - - and likely wont. I have to admit though that my numbers on the incline are substantially closer to yours than on the flat - what do you suppose that means? Keep it up, it will be fun to see you race this year.

Helen said...

Send some hornets my way please.

johnmaas said...

That is an awesome tempo run.
Gotta be the "bee bubble" juice.
Seriously, it sounds like you paid your LHR training dues and are now reaping the benefits.
Might I ask, how much weight have you lost since last year? Also, what kind of HR could you sustain for 3 hours (is it about 160??)
Man, those tempo results just floor me..