Friday, February 20, 2009

First hill workout of the year

Not that any of you care, but I thought I would post about hill workouts.

Did my first of the season today, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be

Each interval was at a 15% grade, 5mph, for 1/2 mile. Between each interval I did 1/2 mile, zero grade, 6mph.

2 mile warm up at 7mph o% grade

Interval avg/max
1 155/167
2 161/171
3 163/175
4 166/175
5 165/176
6 165/176
7 167/177
8 168/178

2 mile cool down at 7mph o% grade.

This doesn't replace the training of running down a hill, but I am guessing it helps a lot for the ups. And, there aren't a lot of 1/2 mile hills at a steady 15% around my house...... okay, nothing even close, so it is good simulation.

March is going to be a huge mileage month. I plan to go into Zumbro well prepared.

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SteveQ said...

Fewer than 7 weeks until Zumbro - I think all of us considering it are a little worried. If the snow melts by then, we should hit Afton together.