Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Really Long Run of The Year

Or, depending on how nuts your are, just a long run.

In my book, 15+ miles counts as a "long run". I use it more as a technical term than an adjective.

30+ miles I call "really long runs".

This morning I nailed down 31 (50K) in under 5 hours. Not only was I able to do it comfortably, but I did it without any food, sports drink, or electrolyte caps.

I did it solely on water, fat stores, glycogen stores, and my breakfast omelette.

Fueling has been my downfall the past few years, and I wanted to see how far I could go today without taking anything. Towards the end, I was starting to fell it, but I guess that is normal.

I ended up joining some of the guys from the ALARC group. I was expection SOMEONE to meet me there, but the not to be mentioned person was "recovering" from vacation.

The ALARC runners are a nice bunch. Tom and Ali were good company for the 1st 20 miles. I saw Karen out there, but was on pace to finish strong with them, I said the old "high and goodbye"

Aside from the temp still being "ice dams on the face" cold, it was a beautiful day.

I am grateful that all of the pieces of the training puzzle are quickly coming together.

I finished up with 81 miles this week, 80 last week, and 72 the week before. This week will have much of the same. Can't wait for the tempo run on Tuesday. It should be an interesting one.

1 week from tomorrow (or the next day) will be the next HADD test. Can't wait for that one as well. I expect John to be doing one the same day, so I will look like a loser if I don't do mine :)

I think my longest run before Zumbro will be a 40 or so. Zumbro will be a "really long" training run. Then, I hope to go big at Ice Age and Kettle. Not sure what "go big" means, but I plan on crushing my previous performances.

Guess I am back to volunteering at Chippewa.


Get Primal said...

Glad you're volunteering at Chippewa, it delays the inevitable day when you crush me in a race. Tomorrow is an admin day so I might buck up and go long too.

SteveQ said...

Hey, we're running the same mileage each week! And my long run will be 40 or so as well. But I'm doing the longer race at Zumbro.

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

Nice really long run!

Ok, I don't know much about the ultra running thing. But isn't that kind of bad for your body to try to run that far with nothing (no fuel)? I know you have issues/difficulties with the fueling, but shouldn't you be taking something? Won't it be harder for you to recover w/o having taking anything?

But, again, I don't know much about this!