Friday, February 13, 2009

I never knew

A saw this link off of Scott Dunlap's post earlier this week. It is an article from the San Francisco Chronical about ultra athletes.

Unfortunately, I could only read a portion of the story online. But, what is fascinating are the comments. You have got to read them!

I learned that I am no different than a drug addict, that I will not be able to walk in 25 years, that I can't have a normal relationship, etc.

I know it is mostly ignorant individuals spewing hyperbole, but some actually defended their ignorance (although, they didn't acknowledge their ignorance).

My favorite comment is
"One point nobody touched on - in order to fuel these kinds of excessive workouts, you have to eat a crappy diet. There's no 2 ways about it, since you can't get the calories you need unless you eat processed food - bagels, pizza, cookies, breads, pasta - all the crap food that we are discovering causes insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. The effects of excessive exercise can't really "undo" a bad diet. And high calorie diets strain the body, as the longevity studies have shown. And many of these athletes probably have very little dietary restraint."

I would love for this person to meet Stu Mittleman. It would be a fun conversation to watch.

I contemplated doing an in depth post on this, and directing those readers to it identifying all of the midwest ultra runners I know who are also great family people, eat healthy diets, and are not plagued with injuries.

I guess opinions have now replaced facts in our society.

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Get Primal said...

The comments section of any online newspaper story is unbelievable. I'm guessing most ultra runners surround themselves with fairly positive see how pessimistic the general population is frightens me.