Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Screw Shoes are back

This week brought the dark chasm I call winter.

Somehow, the single digit temps (and the teens) take a lot more effort. Maybe it is all of the extra clothing.

But, we had some snow, so I put the screw shoes in action again. Check out this post from January if you want to see details.

I actually saved my shoes from the Superior 100 miler, as I had torn away some of the treads from dragging my feet for 30 miles. The screws held them together.

I was still able to get 54 miles in this week, but I took a lot more effort (and I was slower).

Hung out at Kiernan's Irish Pub last night to see a college friend play drums for the "sweet colleens". I should get out more, it was a good time.

It will be a major challenge to get in over 50 this week. BUT, I am starting to think about next years' plans. I really want to go back to Kettle and redeem myself as well as trying to nail down a "faster" 100. still too early to tell.

Bundle up out there.


RunWesty said...

I debated wearing my shoes with screws today but decided against, probably should have. Glad to see you working on the plans for next year, enjoy.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Adam has the scoop on why the cold weather runs take more out of you. Something about blood flow and muscles and the heart. Ask him.

Carl Gammon said...

I think you're right. Add winter and extra clothes to my list of excuses, er... reasons, why I feel so sluggish.

SteveQ said...

I spent a lot of time at Kieran's. By now, the staff should've changed enough that I wouldn't get the Cheers "Norm!" greeting anymore.

keith said...

I half debated busting out the screw shoes myself. But then I realized it would really hurt to put sheet metal screws into my feet.

I will stick with surgically altering my toes so they grip snow and mud.