Thursday, December 18, 2008

Humbled once again

I think it was Mr. Quick and I who had the conversation about thinking "am I the fastest guy in my town?"

I recall Steve saying he lived a few doors down from a former olympian, so he will never be the best athelete on his block.

I figured when I moved to Ham Lake, there would be very few runners up there (don't ask why I thought that). I don't see many runners in my area, and we all seem to know each other now, although never spoken any words to each other. Just the nod as they go by.

I know I am not the fastest guy in Ham Lake, but I figured I at least owned the honor in my neighborhood.

I was wrong. On my usual running route at mile 1 lives a man. A 59 year old man. Still can run a 5:15 mile. Kudos to you Jim Sheehan.

His grandkids go to my kids school, so we were talking at last nights' Christmas concert (holiday, for you secularists), and my wife said "you guys should run together". Um... dear.... his base pace is probably 1-2 minutes faster than mine. HIs tempo pace is probably 45 seconds to 1 minute faster than mine.

I guess I am the fastest guy on my street (I only have 4 other house to compete with). None of those residents run.

A nutrition post to come soon.


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

I can think of six people in my neighborhood that run. I know I'm faster than 4 of them. Not sure about the other 2 - but they don't look very fast.

Londell said...

Well congrats, my kid is coming home from Germany for Christmas and I am going to lose the title of the fastest man in my living room... I will be demoted to the fastest man in my bedroom... At least that is what she said... (kidding)

SteveQ said...

Yeah, having a 5-time Olympian on the block really takes the heat off; I can still beat her mother when she runs, though. And I still have to break 30 hours at Superior to be the best in my town named Steve!

Helen said...

Can you make your nutrition post easier to read than Adam's?! No offence Adam but I always need either a calculator or a dictionary for your (i have no doubt well-researched) theories... and it's Christmas week and my head already hurts :)