Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Goggins Controversy


Hardly a controversy, but some interesting and comical threads about David Goggins.

Check out Dunlaps post, as well as all of the comments. Dave adds his 2 cents.

My 2 cents -
> I took a few "fun" shots at him as a result of the 100 mile man website
> Yes, all of us bloggers are self promoters to some extent. Although, I air my dirty laundry just as clearly as any accomplishments I have made.
> The "Goggins Haters" are a result of his media machine creating such a silly persona of him on "his" website. I say sill, becuase it is just so uncharacteristic of the persona in the ultra community.
> I would love to hang and have a beer with him, just to see what makes him tick.

Check out this blog containing some harsh back and forth rhetoric. The best is Dave Combs' (runtrls) shout out for this blogger to run Badwater against David Goggins. I hurt from laughing so hard.

What do you guys think?

I will take this opportunity to proclaim myself as one of the top 100 ultramarathoners, living in Minnesota, in the 2008 calendar year..... Okay, top 1000 maybe in Minnesota this year.

Are there 100 of us?

And yes, I got my sorry ass out in the -12 temp for 8 this morning. I think I am 5 degrees away from having to wear eye protection.


Andrew said...

proclaim away

I have read a few blogs written by those who've met him. They have nothing but good to say about the guy. I think he is letting the media machine take a few too many liberties.

I have to wonder about the 1000 pullups and the 3 hours of sleep myself.

Helen said...

jeepers - that's a lively commentry on the blog you linked! Impressive resume no question but I'd say more than a few chips on his shoulder juding by his defensive responses...

I'd give ya a top 100 spot. And top 10 for nutcases who run in sub-zero conditions :)

SteveQ said...

Should I post the link to "God's gift to ultrarunning?" The guy disappeared shortly afterward. Cougar bait, I hope.

I think we all feel a little sick when someone gets too much adoring press, whether Goggins or Karnazes, especially when they start it.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

One thing that is not controversial: He IS hot. That is for sure.