Sunday, October 5, 2008

Twin Cities Marathon Runners

Great job to all who ran today!

Although many would think this rainy, cold weather sucked, I was thinking close to ideal conditions (i like the rain).

It was tough capturing a picture of all the runners I wanted to, but here is what I got before the battery died

John Storkamp. He was so fast, I could not keep the camera on him!

John Akins - Always a happy camper. Pulled in a 2:56

Joe Ziegenfuss - Sub 3 hour only 4 weeks after running a sub 24hr Superior 100 mile race. Thought he was going to take this one easy.

Helen Lavin - Only 4 weeks after winning the Superior 100 mile, pulls out a sub 3:30. Nice job for someone who said earlier this year "I don't feel like a real runner".

Todd Rowe - Not sure if he was a happy camper when I snapped this. Come on Todd... Piece of cake after Ice Age 50 Mile, right?

The Julie Berg - Must have been a PR for her! Maybe even a BQ?

Mark Hanson - Nice job Mark

I missed a lot of photos just because it was tricky, and the battery pooped. But congratulations to:

Jim Wilson - did I hear you say PR?
Bryan Erickson
Cindi Matt - First timer, great job!
Pierre Ostor - Just a walk in the park for him
John Gannon - First time, rock on
Karen Gall
Elliot Esch - First time, and only ran one 12 miler for a long run. Jerk. (just kidding)
Joe Yoon - "I am not running it this year"....... 6 weeks ago he said this. Pulled out 2:53
I know I missed a bunch of people. Sorry about that.

Good luck to those running Glacial next weekend (Julie, Pierre, Jim Wilson)


Londell said...

Thanks for the pictures...

Helen said...

Thanks for being out there Matt!! It was a (unexpectantly) fun day. The mad rain and wind added a bit more excitement than we needed - it was like a trail run at times trying to figure out where to place your feet!


toddruns said...

Of course I was happy, but you couldn't tell because I was also very focused. Thanks for the photos and being out there. I think anyone who came out to watch deserves kudos under those conditions. Ditto for the volunteers.


Stephen said...

Great pics. It makes me wish I was there. TCM was my first marathon, so it'll always have a special place in my heart.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Glad your camera conked out before I came limping by! No need to capture my misery on film.

It was good to see you out there cheering. Thanks.

SteveQ said...

I was going to move from my post at 21 miles to go say hi, but 3 miles? That's way too far to go.