Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you KC Trail Nerd(s)


I am on the road this week in Kansas City. I decided this time I HAD to check out what the KC Trail nerds do. Hopefully I would come across Bad Ban and talk beer.

It sounded if I showed up to the Shawnee Mission Park, I might come across somebody.

Sitting in the hotel aroun 5:30pm, I was thinking "I am tired..... I don't want to run..... Piss and moan, piss and moan".

I decided to suit up and get in the car.

Rain. Rain. RAIN. Thunder and lightning, very very frightning ING, mama mia mama mia (you know the rest).

I dedcided to go there to at least see what the trail looked like.

I arrived to see a few cars with "runner" stickers on them. You know them.

I met a few of the "mud babes", and they said Caleb was out running on the course. I figured there was no way I could keep up with the likes of him, I was off.

I quickly realized it was getting dark, fast (aside from being muddy and slick). I decided I had to hustle to complete this loop (half loop) before it was dark and I could get my head lamp out of my car.

Somewhere in there I met Mark (forgot his last name). I figured I would see him after I got my head lamp.

I did find him, and we hammered a whole loop together. This was great because he got me back to running, instead of this pansy ass pace I have been doing for 6 weeks. I figured I would have to wuss out, but my hill legs kicked in. My psyche was the weak part. I was afraid to run hard. Mark made me run hard. It felt Awesome.

We had a dark evening full of thunder and lightning. A few deer. Lots of mud. Lost of slippage. Oh how I miss the trails.

I kept thinking I was going to crash and burn, but I was fine. I wasn't even tired at the end. I guess I have not lost it all. Amen.

I feel like a new man. I can hammer it again.

Looks like I might get to do it again on the Psycho Wyco course on Thursday night.

Kansas aint' all flat kids.


MN Ultra Runner said...

sounds fun. Most people think MN is flat as a pancake too. Speaking of, think I get to do some SHT tonight.

Londell said...

I know it is not flat... I still have nightmares from February. So if you experienced the mud as well, you know the mud is not the same as here either...

Carl Gammon said...

Sounds like a great and fun run, Matt.

As to Londell's comment: Only true ultra trail runners would be able to discuss the qualities of different mud as easily as Matt discusses beer.

Stephen said...

Sounds like... what's the word... no, not fun, ... hmmm dangerous? Yeah, sounds dangerous. Haven't you heard about Ben Franklin? You know, they guy that flew a kite in a thunder storm and "discovered" electricity. Well, glad you had fun and survived. Getting yourself electrocuted would just give my DW more ammo to call me crazy when I go out into a rain storm.

Wayne said...

Way to get out there in less than ideal conditions, Matt. Glad to hear your recovery from Sawtooth has gone well and you're feeling strong again. Ah.... Psycho Wyco... enjoy it. :)

Helen said...

Great stuff Matt! brilliant that you had fun and felt great. even in the mud... enjoy the new trails down there. and if you feel like Afton Saturday morning at 8am i'll be out there for a few hours.