Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Superior Splits

Someone asked me a while back to post my splits at Superior. I dug out my watch this week and decided to decipher the times. I think I have it figured out. You can see how the race unfolded for me, and where the knee started giving me problems.

Start to Split Rock AS - 2:08
Splitrock AS time - 1 minute 27 second
Splitrock to Beaver Bay - 2:27
Beaver Bay to Silver Bay - 1:14
Silver Bay to Tettegouchi - 2:25
Tettegouchi to County Road 6 - 2:39
County Road 6 to Finland - 2:23 (halfway mark 13:18:52
Finland AS 12 minutes 23 seconds
Finland to Sonju - 2:31
Sonju AS 6 minutes 33 seconds
Sonju to Crosby Manitou - 1:31
Crosby to....Cramer road (I forgot to hit the split at Sugarload - 6:33
Cramer rd to Temperance river - 2:36
Temperance to Britton AS - 1:55
Temperance AS 8 minutes 3 seconds
Britton to Oberg - 2:06
Oberg to Finish - 3:02

To give you an idea of how much slower I was on the last 2 sections, I did them twice as fast on THE RETURN TRIP at the 50 miler last year.

I remember telling the guy I was with (and John Taylor) as we were leaving the last aid station to go to the finish "no way in hell it will take us 3 hours to get to the finish. we can do it in 2 1/2" It took us 3:02.

I found that my "moving forward speed" is about half the speed of my "Ultra-race pace speed"

Maybe that helps someone when looking at things in the future.

On a funny note. That section I forgot to hit the split, I was a half in the bag. That 6.5 hour section was only 15 miles! So, those of you who ran TCM this weekend, imagine taking 6 hours to get to West River RD (or sooner, I think). I could not have kept up with the Sag Wagon.

And the last funny note. At TCM on Sunday, somebody saw my jacket (Superior 100 badge of death) and came off the course to introduce himself. He said "I know you, I saw you at mile 90 at Superior". I shook his hand and said to go finish, as he was running pretty fast. I wanted to tell him that I only remember 4 people at that aid station.

Lynn Saari (who helped me)
Gary Sheets (ran with me)
Santa Claus (checking his list)
The Easter Bunny (not sure what he was doing)


SteveQ said...

Julie Berg says she's going to put everyone's split times on the Superior website, so maybe you'll find your missing data some day. Isn't it odd how slow you can move and still be in a race? When I paced at Leadville, miles 50.0-76.2 was a 9 hour marathon;I thought that was the ultimate slow, but you got that beat!

Helen said...

It might have been Scott Mark that talked to you Sunday - he was at the Sawbill AS.

Londell said...

Thanks for sharing... I can only dream of these splits...

Scott Mark said...

That was totally me - what a dork! I was so stoked that I was setting a distance PR, and was just excited I guess. If I see you again, I'll try to be a bit more composed.

You caught my attention by yelling "the pain is only temporary!!!" and before I saw you, I was wondering if it was Adam. But those words really stuck me. They gave me a real boost so close to the finish. Thanks for that!

I totally believe you saw Santa at Sawbill.