Saturday, October 11, 2008

Recovery almost complete

I opted not to join the gang at Red Rock this morning. I figured the knee needed a little more time before cranking it on trails.

I was able to 8 miles today (first time more than 6 since the race). I even did it in 9min miles.

No problems with the knee. It was one of those runs that gets you pumped all day long.

Maybe an Afton loop will be in the cards for next weekend, but not sure yet. I am sad that I will not be at the Glacial 50 tomorrow. I was really hoping to do it this year.

Good luck to Jim Wilson, Julie Berg, and I assume Pierre Ostor.

I will have some goals I will put in place soon. These goals will be
* weekly winter running goals
* weight goal to start the 2009 season
* weight training goal

I am curious how the 3 of these combined will help and improve my performance. I will be following Stu Mittleman's stragies (as much as I can) for off season training.

I am still way far off from deciding on a schedule.

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Helen said...

Great to hear you had a good run! I'll be out at Afton next Sunday morning so might see you there. It will be beautiful running through the leaves...