Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not much going on

This will be a theme (or lack of) for a while. Nothing really going on from the training perspective so I will add a few non running posts.

My fall last week did no damage, just an enlarged knee cap. It actually does not hurt to run on. It is just swollen.

Pumpkin Ale -
Transferred it to secondary fermentation on Saturday, will be kegged and ready to drink in 1 week.

Races - nothing on deck

Training - 6-8 mile runs on the road (yuck!) I saw a massive skunk on Monday morning. I was WAY too close.

Work - going well. Look forward to the roll out of "Vitaminwater 10" early next year. I hope to have samples by January.


No politics on this blog!

It seems like everybody has something to say about that election thing next week. I do as well, but realize nobody gives a crap what I think anyway.

There are enough people out there ranting and raving about their political opinions, and lots of opinions based on emotion, ignorance, and/or hatred. Political blogging plays into this perfectly.

I actually enjoy studying many of the topics which are constantly debated. I find economics fascinating, and the more I read about the current situation, the more I realize how much I don't know.

Also, I am not going to change anybody's mind or sway them to my way of thinking. So the only thing I can achieve by voicing my opinion is........ nothing.

One of my pet peeves is when people say "my voice is not being heard." We all have the freedom of speech, but the right to be heard is demonstrated through our representative republic (voting). When people don't get your their way, they say "my voice is not being heard". You just are not getting what you want. My kids try to pull this on me. "I hear you want dessert, but you are not getting any tonight." At home, I am a benevolent dictator. They don't get to vote me out of office.

Whatever the results are on Tuesday (Wednesday morning), I will respect the process and the president. I don't enjoy it when people continually hate their elected officials just because they disagree with them. I have never hated any president.

Enough on that

Check out Carilyn Johnson, she just ran in the World Cup 24 hour timed event. I ran with her a while at Kettle this year (we both died at 50K). I still have a confusing picture in my mind running behind her. Cholula Hot Sauce sponsors her, and she had the logo on the back of her shirt. It was hot that day, and when I was losing my mind, I could not understand why someone would have a picture of a hot sauce bottle on their jersey.

Good luck to those running the Murph this weekend.


Carl Gammon said...

It sounds like you need a goal race to get you back on the trail. But then, it gets tougher during the winter, especially when the daylight savings time ends this weekend.

SteveQ said...

I was wondering how things went in Korea for Team USA. I met Carilyn at FANS (I've met half of the team; how odd is that!) and it kills me to read she runs 140 miles a week - with tempo runs, hills, track workouts - and then adds pilates, weights, etc. and wonders if she's doing enough.

phillip said...

Kindly clarify the phrase "WHEN I was losing my mind" please.

Isn't it axiomatic that this has already occured, or why would one be attempting this stuff anyhow.

See you at the Awards Fest!

Matthew Patten said...

Yeah, 140 mile per week AVERAGE!

Phillip, I guess I lost my mind a long time ago when I started calling these races "fun".

I won't be at the awards fest as it is the one night I can go out with my lovely wife to celebrate our 13 year anniversary.

Steve, you can take my place as the one who make sarcastic sassy comments.....wait....that would be asking you to pull double duty.

Carilyn said...

It was so great to hear from you! It sounds like you're still brewing - very cool! I keep seeing people posting about the Kettle weather from last year and it sends me into a cold sweat - what an experience!

Ironically, the weather in Korea was much the same (minus the lightning and tornadoes :) The day started at 81 degrees with 85 percent humidity and then hit 100 percent and stayed. You know I'm a desert rat, so it was tough.

Hope all is well in the Midwest!