Friday, October 19, 2007

Cross Training

Today will be a day of cross training, as there is still some recovery from Whistlestop.

We are brewing a Fat Tire Amber Ale clone. 10 gallon batch (splitting it with my neighbor).
Since it is brew day, the cross training will involve the following:
Lifting full 6.5 gallon carboys full of water.
Lifting a picnic cooler full of mashing grains.
Running back and forth to the hose to regulate the counterflow wort chiller.

I will also get my heart rate up (in anticipation) right before I check the specific gravity to see how the brew session went.

That is a serious workout kids!

I will post photos as well as a link to the newly created Runner Brewer brewery blog.


keith said...

you should make a batch of root beer for the eden prairie fat ass in november.

Wayne said...

Yeah... root beer! (from a guy that has no idea how hard or easy that would be)