Monday, October 22, 2007

........Still recovering..... blah

I forgot how much of a toll "racing" a marathon takes on one's body.

The last 3 days I was zero energy (maybe a little sick, and down from the constant rain). I ran on Saturday, made it 3 miles, and the body shut down.

Today I managed to get 6 in at 8min pace, but it took a lot of work to get it done. My legs felt like tree stumps.

That's what I get for "Going hard". Speed kills!

It's amazing how a different pace for a certain distance can greatly affect your physiology.

At Ice Age, there was an aid station at mile 26.2. I still felt fresh, focused, and was still having fun. I was almost exactly an hour slower than I ran that same distance last weekend, and boy what a difference.

At Superior, when I got to Cramer road (mile 25), I still felt pretty good and strong. I was able to run the next 8 exactly the same as the previous 8. I was about two hours slower at that point compared to last weekend. (But, there is no comparison to of Superior Races to anything in the Midwest.

I wish I had a race coming in the next month to get me focused. I guess I can call the November 10th Fat Ass a race.

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keith said...

Yo matt!

I personally think you've got to give yourself the time to R&R before you can expect to feel normal again after a marathon or longer race.

Hell, I'm sore after a particularly grueling 5k if I race it right.

That's one of the great things about running - the preparation, the anticipation then the expenditure of all that preparedness and then the recovery and rebuilding. Some parts of the process are quite a bit less palatable than others, but the rewards are grand!